Pilgrimage Ashtavinayak Yatra Tour Package From Delhi


“Ashtavinayak” or the eight divine forms of Lord Ganesha have had great significance in the Hindu mythology. This is a chain of eight temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha with unique, naturally formed effigies. The temple ambiences and places around have been regarded to witness numerous miraculous events from Puranas and other considerable legendaries. Our  Oneday Trip By Cab –  Ashstavinayak Darshan Trip packages take you through these eight shrines as per the sequence mentioned in the Shastras. Here’s how this pilgrimage would be followed:

1. Mayureshwar

Surrounded by four minarets, this temple structure is known to be built of black stone. The idol of Lord Ganesha here is riding a peacock. Lord Ganesha in his Mayureshwar form is believed to have slain the demon Sindhu at this place. This temple is situated at a distance of 55 kilometres from Pune.

2. Siddhivinayak

Among the eight shrines of Ganesha, this is the only one with the trunk positioned towards the right side. Though the stomach of Ganesha’s idol is not too wide, there are Riddhi and Siddhi sitting on both sides on thighs. This temple is situated off the Pune-Sholapur highway, about 48 kilometres away from Srigonda town in Ahmadnagar district.

3. Ballaleshewar

The main temple shrine here houses an idol of Lord Ganesha with a Mushak (a mouse) sitting in the front near his forefeet. A special factor at this temple is the Prasad that is besan laddoo instead of modak that is generally offered at all other Ganesha temples. This temple is situated about 30 kilometres away to the South-West of Karjat Railway Station.

4. Varadavinayak

This temple has been designed with several amazing structures over it. On the four corners of the temple, there are four elephant idols. The hall of the temple is sized 8 feet by 8 feet. This temple is known to be the closest to Mumbai city; situated three kilometres away from Mumbai-Pune highway near Khopoli.

5. Chintamani

This temple is known to possess a North facing entrance. The outer wooden hall here was built by the Peshwas. This temple is known to be the nearest from Pune, situated 22 kilometres away from the city, off the Pune-Sholapur Highway.

6. Girijatmaj

This temple is known to be situated amidst a cave complex of about 18 caves from the Buddhist origin. The temple is situated in the eighth cave. This cave is also known as the Ganesh-Leni. The temple is situated on the Pune-Nashik highway, 12 kilometres away from Narayangaon. The place is situated about 94 kilometres away from Pune.

7. Vighneswar

Lord Ganesha here is called Shri Vighneshwar Vinayak. The templehas a 20 feet tall main hall and a 10 feet long inner hall. This temple is situated off the Pune-Nashik highway in Ozhar, a small town.

8. Mahaganpati

This Lord Ganesha temple celebrates all eight instances of legends related to Lord Ganesha. One among the Ashtvinayakas, the temple is situated 50 kilometres away from Pune in Ranjangaon. With us, the Ashtavinayak Yatra from Pune will take you through all these enchanting ambiences, bringing to you, some of the best experiences ever. With the best of our services we allow you to execute your travel plans in the most suitable manners possible.

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Package Cost of One Day Pune To Ashtavinayak Trip By Cab

Indica (A/C)
4 Seater / Hatchback
 2  day Trip
  Including All toll Parking
900/km Limit
Extra km : 12/-
4 Seater / Sedan
 2  Day Trip
  Including All Toll Parking
900/Km Limit
Extra Km : 13/-
7 Seater / SUV
 2  Day Trip
  Including All Toll Parking
900/Km Limit
Extra Km : 15/-
Innova / Xylo
7 Seater / SUV
 2  Day Trip
  Including All Toll Parking
900/Km Limit
Extra Km : 20/-
Tempo Traveller (A/C)
17 Seater / Mini Bus
 2  Day Trip
  Including All Toll Parking
900/Km Limit
Extra Km : 30/-

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Saiprem Holidays Pvt Ltd
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Oneday Trip By Cab

Good to know

What’s included

The inclusions of a One Day Pune to Ashitavanayak Trip by cab may vary depending on the specific package or service provider. However, some common inclusions are:

  • A private cab with a professional driver
  • Fuel charges
  • 800/km Limit
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your desired location in Pune
  • Sightseeing at popular attractions in Ashitavnayak Darshan

It’s always recommended to check with the service provider to confirm the exact inclusions before booking the trip.

What’s not included

Typically, expenses that are not covered in the package cost such as meals, entry fees to tourist attractions, toll charges, and parking fees are not included in a One Day Pune To Ashitavnayak Darshan Trip By Cab package. Additionally, any activities or services not explicitly mentioned in the package details may also not be included. It’s important to carefully review the package inclusions and exclusions before booking to avoid any surprises later on.

Not: Kilometer & time will be charge from garage to garage. 2) All states taxes, parking; toll & entrance fees will be charge extra. 3) Per day minimum 300/ kms ( Pune to Lonavala 200/km ) run will be charge as specified city wise for outstation duty. 4) After 12 midnight 2nd day will be counted (For outstation use). 5) Driver Allowance for outstation applicable as per Day. 6) Tax will be charge on actual bill as applicable

Terms & Conditions

  • One day means one calendar day (12 midnight to 12 midnight).
  • Kilometers and Hours will be calculated from garage to garage.
  • Toll, Parking , Inter State Permit etc. not include in the above cost, you have to pay extra as applicable.
  • Extra km applicable after charged km
  • Extra driver allowance if cab used before 6:00AM and after 10:00PM